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Yu-gi- oh is the Japanese manga which is created by Kazuki Takahashi. Today it has given rise to some newer games, multiple anime shows, numerous video games as well as trading games. In trading card game there is a duel monster that is why it is said to be a fictional card game. The yu gi oh is also known as “TCG” and was launched by Konami first in 1999. In the Guinness book of world records it was named to be one of the top selling cards of all times.

The game is played with a specified set of life points and a card deck of 40-50 cards. Usually at higher levels, smaller and compact decks are used so that one can maximize the possibility of receiving cards by employing different strategies. You can attack your opponents by using cards which represent monsters and traps which will challenge your opponents. Players can keep their monsters in face up position which is attack or face down position which is known as defense. The game continues giving each player one turn at a time. Based on defense or attack position, the player can cast the moves. One can use their attack monsters to attack once every turn, unless there is a corresponding counter effect that minimizes or neutralizes the same. If successful while attacking, players can destroy an opponent’s life point.

A duel or a game is won if one fulfills a few conditions like, thrashing the opponent’s life points to null or zero, or asking an opponent to draw a card, wherein he cannot draw a card either due to a spell if other player run out of cards. Sometimes an automatic win are projected by a few cards and easiest way being the opponent surrendering to your force.

One such powerful card which is quite handy in the game is Yugioh stardust dragon. This is powerful defensive card which can defend almost all offensive moves if used properly. It is quite powerful and to master all its abilities, one needs to have quite an experience. Often this card is regarded as the best card in the deck, provided you master it. It is quite desirable because after negating an affect it destroys itself but returns after the end of the turn allowing it to be used more than once in the game.

There is a small exception, that is when the Red Dragon Archfiend is attacked by stardust dragon in its defense position then the stardust dragon cannot activate its effect. However there are workarounds, and depends on how you see it. Another exception is when faced with another card of the same kind. In such situations the move is won not on the corresponding stats but the duelist.

There is another card which is an upgrade over Yugioh stardust dragon which is stronger and is a deadly card. This stardust assault/dragon is better and has better stats on it. When tuned with other cards like majestic dragon with other combination, it can summons Majestic star dragon.

This game is worth playing whenever you and your friends meet together and want to have some serious fun.

Yugioh Stardust Dragon SHSP ENSE1 Limited Super Rare Near Mint Fast Shipping
Yugioh Stardust Dragon SHSP ENSE1 Limited Super Rare Near Mint Fast Shipping
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