Yugioh Red Eyes B Dragon

There are literally hundreds of different cards that you can collect in the world of Yugioh trading card game.  From the numerous sea, air and land creatures to the most powerful dragons, you name it and you can get it.  One card that is worth mention is the red eyes b dragon.  The b in the red eyes b dragon stands for black since it is a black colored dragon.  It has a fairly strong attack and defense power which can be further enhanced by equipment cards mainly designed for its use.  By having this yugioh red eyes b dragon, you will be able to have a good variety of offense and defense creatures like never before.

By having your very own red eyes b dragon deck, you will be able to defeat other decks that have zombies or undead creatures in it.  You will also be able to defeat insect based decks just by having this red eyes b dragon card right off the bat at the start of the match.  Surely, you will find yourself in such amazement that you can easily summon such a powerful creature with only one sacrificial requirement.  Your opponent will be on his or her knees once you show off your yugioh red eyes b dragon contained in your red eyes b dragon deck.

Whether you are just collector of yugioh cards, a trader of such cards or a player of the trading card game, you will surely be able to enjoy having this red eyes b dragon card in your possession.  It is a card wielded by the antagonist in the anime Yugioh Duel Monsters by the name of 'Joey'.  If you like to mimic the said anime character or you simply want to collect yugioh dragon cards, then this red eyes b dragon card it the perfect card to add into your collection. What are you waiting for?  Check out our selection of Yugioh trading cards and see what is available as soon as possible in order for you to get your hands on one of the most power dragon card collections in the world of yugioh duel monsters as of today.

Yugioh Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon PP01 EN015 Unlimited Super Rare Near Mint Fas
Yugioh Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon PP01 EN015 Unlimited Super Rare Near Mint Fas
Paypal   US $1.30

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