Yugioh Raging Battle

yugioh raging battleFurther cementing the Yugioh 5Ds series, Raging Battle is the fourth set of the card games sixth series.  Following the power of the Assault Mode Monsters, this booster pack allows you to keep dueling by introducing many new cards that come from the Yugioh 5Ds cartoon series.

Raging Battle provides the first appearance of cards like Koa'ki Meiru and the Earthbound Immortal.  You will also see Blackwing monster cards featured renewing the interest in the first Blackwing cards that appeared in the Crimson Crisis.

You will also find many Plant cards that help to increase the power and use of the Black Rose Dragon that was seen in Crossroads of Chaos.

Also, this booster pack will allow players to find tune their dueling decks with Synchro Monsters like the Power Tool Dragon.

As with other booster packs, this one is a must to familiarize yourself with, as you will most assuredly encounter cards from this set.  If you are not careful then you could easily find yourself in for a bruising as there are plenty of powerful cards, and you will either want to know how to battle them, or own them and know how to play them intelligently.

Yugioh Raging Battle Booster Box 1st Edition Factory Sealed
Yugioh Raging Battle Booster Box 1st Edition Factory Sealed
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