Yugioh trading cards game is based on the fancied game of Duel Monsters invented by Kazuki Takahashi, eminent comic artist.Yugioh trading cards game heralds from Japan which uses famous monsters and characters for destroying the opponents. The YuGiOh Trading Card Game, which is shortly called as TCG, is the portion of the Yugioh card game which was manufactured earlier by the Upper Deck Entertainment under the directions of Konami. The Yugioh trading cards game which started in 2002 is played worldwide and is very famous in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

The objective of the yugioh trading cards game is to defeat the opponent either by damaging him with life points worth 8000+ or making him drain of the yugioh trading cards or retain the following yugioh trading cards while playing the game: Left and Right leg of Forbiddden one, Exodia the Forbidden One or Left and Right Arm of Forbidden one.

Every player must posses a deck which contains minimum forty yugioh gx trading cards to start the game. The players can also possess a side deck which contains only fifteen yugioh gx trading cards. The side deck shall have cards which go against several decks which were played with and has to be replaced for yugioh trading cards which exist prior in the deck after first round of the game only expect stated otherwise. Only three copes of one particular type of yugioh trading card can be used in the game and any extra cards of the same type will make the player disqualified in the game.

There are various types of yugioh trading cards which include Cyber-Stein, dark magician, dark armed dragon, jinzo, exodia, kuriboh, blue-eyes white dragon, Egyptian god cards, cyber girl, destiny heroes, gladiator beasts, koalas, monarchs, sacred beasts, wicked god cards, monarchs, the six samurai etc.

Every player starts the game with 8000 life points and the deck containing forty to sixty yugioh trading cards. A turn-based affaire d'honneur results in which the game players use spells (also called Magic), trap cards and monsters to fight their opponents. The fight is won by satisfying any of the conditions below:

  • The antagonist is not able to draw a yugioh trading card from the deck since the deck is empty during the draw phase.
  • Or the condition for victory as per the relevant cards held by the opponent.
  • The life points of the opponent are brought to NIL.
Yugioh 5DS Trading Card Game Starter Deck Junk Warrior Factory Sealed
Yugioh 5DS Trading Card Game Starter Deck Junk Warrior Factory Sealed
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