Easy Steps to Construct Your Own Yugioh Dark Paladin Deck

Yugioh dark paladin deck is a must-have for all anime trading card lovers. If you play or collect, then do construct your own deck as this one of the most popular decks since the Magician Force era. The dark paladin card is extremely powerful as it can destroy many monsters and counter traps and magic as well. The only other card in its league is the Horus 8 card, though even that is not quite as powerful as yugioh dark paladin.

When you start off constructing your yugioh dark paladin deck, the first question that comes to your mind would be which of the two monsters to choose - Buster Blader or Dark Magician. It is a tough choice indeed, it all depends on what monster is your favourite and how easily you can find them. Now, I know many of us are Dark Magician freaks, but then, there is a whole Dark Magician deck we can make as well to fulfil out fetish.

The yugioh dark paladin deck is designed in such a way that it has the top monsters and it can help limit traps , counter opponents monster effects and even take on other monsters. The best strategy to use while playing with yugioh dark paladin is to wait till your opponents resources are diminished before you lash out this card with a 2900 attack. Only two can negate this attack – Injection Fairy Lily or Black Luster Soldier.

The 3 top monsters which your yugioh dark paladin deck must have are – King of the Swamp, Thunder Dragon and ofcoure Buster Blader. These would provide the necessary field control and resources.

So it is easy to construct this deck though it can take well over 1 month to do so but the dark paladin card can be used efficiently to win a game. Play smartly and you are sure to win.

Yugioh Duel Masters Guide Yugi Kaiba Starter Deck With Dark Paladin Rare
Yugioh Duel Masters Guide Yugi Kaiba Starter Deck With Dark Paladin Rare
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