All you Ever Wanted to Know About Yugioh Dark Paladin Deck

Yugioh dark paladin deck is one of the most popular casual play decks. Yugioh dark paladin is truly the greatest monster ever hence the dark paladin card is extremely strong. It is only comparable to another great monster Horus LV 8. Even then, yugioh dark paladin is stronger as you can source out his parts more quickly than those of Horus 8.

The dark paladin card can guarantee you a win if played correctly. It can cross out every spell your opponent casts once in the field. So, you cannot undermine the power this card holds.

Yugioh dark paladin deck has one weakness though – You need to account for the 3 cards – DD Warrior Lady, Tribe infecting Virus and Exiled force, otherwise they can all fall in one swoop. Hence losing it is very catastrophic.

Some of the notable monsters in the yugioh dark paladin deck are Buster Blader, King of the swamp & Thunder Dragon.

The best tactic to play your dark paladin card is to save it for the final attack. Do not be in a rush to jump it up right at the beginning as it will immediately be attacked by traps and other monster effects. Hence the purpose of the yugioh dark paladin deck is to counter attack and limit traps and monster effects. It can easily cater to all this and more. Once you easily accomplish this feat, then the win is yours.

If you plan to conjure up a Yugioh dark paladin deck, then your first thought would be which monster to choose. You will also have to keep in mind lot many things like spells, traps, positive and negative aspects of deck before you even begin to construct it. Overall, if you play your cards right using this amazing deck, then no one can stop you from winning.

YuGiOh MFC 105 Dark Paladin Ultra Rare 1st Edition Alternative Artwork Mint x1
YuGiOh MFC 105 Dark Paladin Ultra Rare 1st Edition Alternative Artwork Mint x1
Paypal   US $49.95

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